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NAPCO is the industry leader in supplies and materials for bathroom tile refinishing

Having NAPCO in your corner will put more cash in your pocket

Bathroom Tile Refinishing Coating Bathroom Tile Coatings

Superior coatings make your life easier, especially when you are asked to reglaze bathroom tile. Our PolyGlass©320 low VOC coating is a good example. It is as perfect for bathroom tile refinishing as it is for tubs. It is compliant with the new government VOC regulations, yet is as easy to use as conventional coatings. Not only that, but the odor dissipates quickly and you can put the fixture back in service in 2 hours at normal room temperature. Your customers will really like that. For more information on this and other great tile refinishing coatings please click here.
Bathroom Tile Refinishing Equipment Bathroom Tile Refinishing Equipment

A good gun eats up a wall of tile to refinish in no time. A bad gun can turn an afternoon into a nightmare. NAPCO offers the professional refinisher, the best spray guns, personal protection, replacement parts and fume exhausters.
Bathroom Tile Refinishing Tools Bathroom Tile Reglazing Prep Materials

If you are going to reglaze bathroom tile, we have whatever you need. Our inventory includes tapes, masking paper, replacement drains, blades, abrasives, drop cloths, etc. One place to call makes your life easier.
Bathroom Tile Refinishing Training Tile Refinishing Training

If you are looking for an industry with a low barrier to entry, where you can be your own boss, and make a six-figure income, take a look at tub and tile glazing. You can take advantage of an upswing in the home remodeling market. NAPCO offers the industry standard in training. NAPCO’s class is different from the others in one important way: we offer more hands-on spray training than any other class. Learn how to reglaze bathroom tile in our convenient weekend and weekday classes that fit your schedule. Classes are a full 2 days of both classroom and hands-on instruction with a 20-year veteran instructor. Click here for more information on reglazing training.

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