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  1. Ask Mike Ripp: When Can Coating Result In A Problem Tub?

    NAPCO’s Mike Ripp has over 30 years of experience in tub refinishing, making him a leading authority in the industry. In addition to providing refinishing training courses as Director of Training and Tech Support at NAPCO, Mike is an exceptional mentor in teaching tradesmen how to build their business. “Mike, I’m seeing the coating starting […]
  2. “But I’m Not A Salesperson”: Why That’s A Good Thing.

    Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re missing an important skill set that makes you enter a room, charm the socks off of a prospective customer with some fancy talk and close a deal. That’s the image of the typical high-powered salesperson – but that’s not and shouldn’t be you. While we all want sales, we know […]
  3. Ask Mike Ripp: "How Can I Reduce Call Backs from Customers?

    “Mike, it’s important to me to be as efficient as possible in my business, so I can maximize my income. Call backs are always the #1 threat to that, so what can I do to significantly decrease the occurrence of those?” Let me perfectly clear on this: The more you skip steps and substitute cheap […]
  4. Ask Mike Ripp: Is Exhibiting At Home Shows Worth It?

    “Hey Mike, I’m thinking about exhibiting at a Home Show, but I’m not sure. Do you think it would be a profitable experience?” Sure, that upcoming home show on the calendar looks like it could bring some good exposure to your refinishing business – and it very well may. But if you have a booth […]
  5. Tub Refinisher Causes Apartment Fire

    You’re busy. You have another tub to get done today and you’re running late. What do you do? Maybe skip a safety measure or two to save a few minutes? Think again. Recently in San Diego, a refinisher wasn’t using a fume exhaust system and caused an explosion, rocking an apartment building. The explosion and […]
  6. 5 Secrets To Better Customer Conversations

    How do you always know just what your customer has in mind so you can used those well-polished skills to deliver on the project when it counts? It’s not just about being better when it comes to being hands-on. It’s about using those instruments attached your head called ears – because by improving your listening […]
  7. You Have The Right To Earn A Professional Living!

    How to make more money in bathtub refinishing “If I raise my price, my regular customers will stop using me and I’m going to lose work!” How many times have we heard a refinisher say that? All the time, right? So why is it those refinishers who have higher prices are generally a lot busier than […]

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