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  1. 3 Steps To Stop Chasing “Cold” Prospects!

    Question: Do you know what your very best customer looks like? A lot of tradesmen don’t or they’ll say, “Anybody who has money.” Sure, money is obviously important - but so is knowing where you should be spending your quality time. Ah yes. Time. We all have a limited amount of it and in your […]
  2. Remodeling Projects Get Ready For The Big Thaw

    There’s one silver lining to an unusually long and bitter Winter that a large part of the country recently experienced: It may have made homeowners all the more anxious to get rolling on home improvement projects. A recent poll by Piper Jaffray suggests that nearly a third of all homeowners nationwide reported having their home […]
  3. You Have The Right To Earn A Professional Living!

    How to make more money in bathtub refinishing “If I raise my price, my regular customers will stop using me and I’m going to lose work!” How many times have we heard a refinisher say that? All the time, right? So why is it those refinishers who have higher prices are generally a lot busier than […]
  4. Could Millennials Key A Housing Comeback?

    The Millennial generation, typically those who are 33 years old and younger, represent one of the largest generational groups in U.S. history after the Baby Boomers. As such, their potential to positively influence the housing market in a big way can’t be discounted. According to an annual survey of recent homebuyers by The National Association of Realtors, millennials are the leading generation of all first-time homebuyers.
  5. 3 Ways To Take Your LinkedIn Visibility Up A Notch

    As a tradesman, you know that good word of mouth is a key part of growing your network of potential referrals. But what about expanding your network online to complement that effort? Are you connected to clients and other people who have been good partners for you there too? If you’re thinking that your online […]

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