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Many bathtubs and showers installed over the last 10 years have cracked or broken bottoms. More than likely you receive calls about this every week. The standard tub and shower repair demands 3 to 4 hours of hard work and a complete refinish. Not anymore!

NAPCO tub and shower inlays are?

  • A permanent solution to cracked fiberglass, plastic and acrylic fixture bottoms
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Profitable
  • Able to be refinished
  • Custom manufactured in-house to the exact specifications of each fixture

    Custom tub and shower bottom inlays permanently repair cracks in the bottom of fiberglass, plastic and acrylic fixtures. A properly installed bathtub inlay won't crack or delaminate from the surface. You won't be called back. The entire process takes about 30 minutes and is a permanent fix. Installation is super easy and cleanup is minimal.

    You make just as much money installing an inlay as repairing and refinishing the tub or shower, in just a fraction of the time and with a lot less mess. It's that simple.

    NAPCO bathtub inlays are custom manufactured to your measurements at our location so installation goes smoothly.

    Each NAPCO inlay kit contains: custom manufactured inlay, complete step-by-step installation instructions, applicator, disposable gloves and toll-free phone support. Adhesive is available as a separate item.

    The next time someone calls you for a repair job, consider a NAPCO custom inlay. It's an easy and profitable service to offer.

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