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Kitchen Refinishing Training Class: For Experienced Bath Refinishers & Professionals - Overview

Hone your Kitchen Refinishing Skills to Expand
Your Business in just One Day

Pivot your career or grow your business by learning kitchen refinishing! NAPCO’s Kitchen Refinishing
Training Class: For Experienced Bath Refinishers & Professionals is perfect for those who are already
experienced refinishers or professionals who may need a refresher on kitchen refinishing, are looking to sharpen their skills, or expand their service offerings. Attend NAPCO’s Kitchen Refinishing Training class in order to hone your skills and grow your business offerings in just one day.

Kitchen Refinishing Made Easier with NAPCO

We hear from a lot of refinishers who feel that kitchen refinishing is not worth the time and that it’s easier to refinish bathrooms. But did you know that refinishers can make more money refinishing one kitchen than multiple bathrooms in one day? You already have the equipment needed, so come learn NAPCO’s proven techniques that will save you time and money, allowing you to increase your profits and offer more to your customers.

Practice makes perfect with kitchen refinishing. The more you do, the better you get! After only the first few jobs, you will find the groove that works for you allowing you to take on more jobs and bring in even more money.

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Kitchen Refinishing Class Cost

If you are a painter, general contractor or bathroom refinisher looking to expand your skills in the kitchen, this class is for you! Accept a new challenge and expand your business today.


Total cost including 1-day hands-on training class and the kitchen product package (training manual, PPE and kitchen refinishing products).


Kitchen Only Refinishing
Class Overview


Hands-on Training

1-full day of hands-on training from our expert refinisher on refinishing kitchen cabinets and countertops, including surface preparation and repairs.


Time-Saving Techniques

Learn how to mask cabinet door hinges, saving you over four hours on the job!


Award-Winning Products

Knowledge and application of NAPCO’s kitchen products, including Kitchen Renew, Flint-Stone and 320 Low VOC coatings.


Lunch Included

Lunch provided during training.


Product Package

Complete kitchen product package which includes personal protection for training and enough product to use during training and help get you started after class completion.


Training Manual

Refinishing training manual including business and marketing strategy guides.


Technical Support

Ongoing technical support from NAPCO throughout your career.

Benefits of Learning Kitchen Refinishing

Factory Finish for a Portion of the Cost

Learn to Work with Flint-Stone Faux Granite Finishes

A Great Choice for the Environment, Less Waste

It’s An Easy Sell!
Saves Your Customers

Quick Turnaround Time, Increasing Profits and Customer Attraction

Your Professional Training Coaches



Steve leads all NAPCO training courses and provides world-class, hands-on training and guidance to make sure you are at your best! With over 20 years experience as a chemist, his passion is in research and development, along with a dedicated team is what makes NAPCO products #1 in the industry!



Jackie lives and breaths customer service. She is proud to have serviced NAPCO clients for over 25 years. Her goal is 100% client retention. She works tirelessly to bring new and innovative solutions to meet client pain points. She wants to make sure you and your business succeed!

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