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NAPCO Flint-Stone Multicolored Coating

NAPCO Flint-Stone Multicolored Coating
NAPCO Flint-Stone Multicolored Coating
NAPCO Flint-Stone Multicolored Coating
NAPCO Flint-Stone Multicolored Coating
Give your customers the granite look they want, at a higher profit margin than single color countertop jobs. This one-part coating is easy to apply and very forgiving. Mistakes are easy to hide. Countertops are back in service in just 24 hours.

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NAPCO Flint-Stone is a dramatic and visually appealing speckled finish designed for interior architectural applications - most commonly on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Flint-Stone can also be applied to plastic, fiberglass, Formica, ceramic, porcelain, and cultured marble surfaces.

The mottled appearance of Flint-Stone helps camouflage surface imperfections, which allows the old surface to look better longer. It has exceptional resistance to most household cleaners and is less expensive to apply and maintain than replacing the original surface, making it an easy sell to your customers.
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NAPCO Epoxy Primer Resin - Colors
Our most popular primer now comes in a wide variety of colors. Epoxy Primer Colors makes a great undercoat for NAPCO's Flintstone multi-colored coating. It adds a richness of color to your faux granite jobs that really nails the sale with your customers.

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NAPCO Extra Strong Etch
This super powerful formula effectively deglosses those harder to etch surfaces, like colored tubs and tile, in record time. No more standing around wasting precious time on the jobsite, waiting for the etch to work. Extra Strong Etch gives you a porous surface that your primer and topcoat can grab on to every time.

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NAPCO Epoxy Primer Resin - White, Gray
Our best selling primer is easy to use and gives you the best possible adhesion and a longer lasting finish. Just mix and spray 3 to 4 light tack coats - there's no induction time or standing around wasting time while you wait for the primer to dry. It's also great for filling in pinholes and minor imperfections.

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NAPCO Epoxy Primer Catalyst
NAPCO Epoxy Primer Catalyst provides the Epoxy Primer Resin with just the right amount of hardness, without becoming brittle.

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