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Bathtub, Tile & Kitchen Countertop Refinishing Services

Don’t take a chance on an unqualified technician

refinishing vs replacing costsChoosing a professional bathtub refinishing company can be daunting. There are often numerous choices in your area. NAPCO will help you choose a reputable refinisher. Poor quality materials or craftsmanship can lead to defects or peeling in as little as 3 weeks. Then where will you be? This holds true for professional kitchen countertop refinishing companies as well.

Here are some points that can help you make the best decision when choosing a bath & kitchen refinishing company:

  • A reputable professional bathtub refinishing company will be able to explain in detail their process and reasons to choose their company over their competition.
  • Beware of a company that finishes the job too quickly. They often skip important steps so they can do more jobs in a day. Look for professional bathtub and professional countertop refinishing companies that thoroughly clean, de-gloss or etch the surface before applying the coatings. Most professional refinishers take around 3 hours to refinish a standard size bathtub.
  • Professional bathtub refinishing companies will provide you with a written guarantee. It just makes sense to get one.
  • Are they licensed & insured?
  • Will they provide references? A professional countertop refinishing company should provide recent references for you to check.
  • How much will it cost? This is very important. You will not get a quality refinishing job for a cheap price. You will get what you pay for. Professional bathtub, tile & countertop refinishing work will give you many years of service. Cheap jobs are much more expensive in the long run.

If you would like the name(s) of refinishers for your tub, tile, sink or countertop in your area who use quality NAPCO materials, please provide the information below and click the submit button.