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Tub Refinishing Primers

We have a bathtub refinishing primer for any job

Many refinishers don’t give much thought to a tub refinishing primer. They used what worked for them in the past. Maybe it’s time to revisit your refinishing primer of choice.

You can save approximately $250 per tub using our innovative Gorilla Grip wipe-on primer. Gorilla Grip saves you an hour or more of difficult prep and that means money in your pocket. No etching, sanding, spraying primer or cleaning your gun after priming. It really is a time saver!

We offer two standard refinishing primers: Epoxy Primer Resin and High Build Primer.

Epoxy Primer Resin can be your daily go-to tub refinishing primer. It works great on porcelain, cast iron, steel or ceramic surfaces. It takes only 5 – 10 minutes to dry.

Our High Build refinishing primer fixes imperfections as you spray, resulting in a smooth and durable surface on which to apply the topcoat.

Professional bath refinishers: Order supplies online or call us at 800-888-1081.

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  1. Gorilla Grip
    Gorilla Grip
    Starting at $4.46
  2. High Build Primer
    High Build Primer
    Starting at $34.84
  3. Epoxy Primer Resin
    Epoxy Primer Resin
    Starting at $34.84
  4. NAPCO Neutral Color Swatches w/ Case
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4 Items

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