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Spray Equipment & Spray Gun Replacement Parts

A well-functioning HVLP system and spray gun is the lifeblood of any bathtub resurfacers. If they aren’t working well, you aren’t making any money. That’s why we offer a full complement of replacement parts for the spray systems and guns we sell.

We offer the best HVLP spray systems from Wagner and Titan. These systems are the best in the industry. They allow you to do the quality of work your customers demand. There are a lot of tub, tile and counter refinishers doing shoddy work. You can set yourself apart as a quality bathtub refinisher with one of these systems.

We sell the industry leading Wagner Maxum II gun. This gun offers the control and versatility you need. Yes, this can be the only gun you carry.

Thoroughly cleaning your gun is also very important. A poorly cleaned gun causes all sorts of problems; problems you just don’t need. Click here to access gun cleaning brushes you should be using on a daily basis.

Don’t be stuck at a job with a broken spray system or gun. A few bucks spent on parts can make or break you. Keep on hand the parts most likely to need replacement. Order below or call us toll-free at 800-888-1081.