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We are proud to introduce NAPCO's newest product - Spray-On Tile Floor Coating

Our Spray-On Tile Floor Coating is specially designed to be able to withstand abrasion as well as scuffs and mar resistance.  We knew it was important to design a coating that would already feel familiar to refinishers.  As well as being able to use the equipment already in your toolbox.

NAPCO’s new Spray-On Tile Floor Coating will significantly boost your business's revenue by attracting a larger customer base and increasing the number of refinishing jobs. Price out jobs same as tubs and tiles with only half of the prep and labor time.

With its advanced features and superior quality, the product will create new opportunities for expansion, allowing you to tap into untapped markets and establish a strong presence in the refinishing industry.


Semi-Gloss Spray-On Tile Floor Coating Refinishing Product

Refresh and renew old tile floors for a fresh new look with NAPCO’s Tile Floor Semi-Gloss Coatings


Semi-Gloss Spray-On Tile Floor Coating Custom Color Refinishing Product

NAPCO’s Tile Floor Semi-Gloss Coatings can be made into practically any solid custom color! The possibilities are endless!

Professional tile floor refinishers can order supplies online or call us at 800-888-1081.

Benefits of NAPCO’s Semi-Gloss Spray-On Tile Floor Coating

• NAPCO's most durable coating yet!
• Scuff, mar, and stain resistant
• Tintable to any solid color
• Easy application using same HVLP and #3 needle already in your toolbox
• 2-hour cure time,return to use time in 24 hours
• six-figure revenue increase potential for your business



Application Overview of NAPCO Spray-On Tile Floor Coating

See our tech video below of our R& D Manager/Product Creator/Trainer, Steve Zamborsky, explaining the easy application of our new spray-on tile floor coating.



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