Equipment, Supplies, and Training for the Professional Refinisher


Refinishing Products

NAPCO offers the best tub refinishing products, equipment and training for bathtub reglazing in the industry

Your countertop and bath reglazing business can go a whole lot smoother with a professional company like NAPCO backing you up

Put more money in your pocket with superior refinishing products from NAPCO.

Our PolyGlass©320 low VOC coating is a good example. This coating is compliant with the new government VOC regulations, yet is as easy to use as conventional coatings. Not only that, but it is has 50% greater impact resistance and you can put the fixture back in service in 2 hours at normal room temperature. That feature alone can get you more customers. For more information on this and other great tub refinishing products please click here.

Whatever refinishing product you need, we’ve got it! Our Flintstone coatings are an easy way to get into the lucrative countertop refinishing business. Our eco-friendly greener coatings have a reduced odor and appeal to environmentally conscious customers. Our tub & shower inlays are a permanent solution to the nasty problem of a cracked tub or shower bottom. Of course, we also stock all the preparatory supplies and personal protection items you need to get the job done.

Professional bath refinishers: Order supplies online or call us at 800-888-1081.