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Tub Detailing

Tub detailing can save you time and money

It’s easy with our line of tub detailing products

Sometimes a customer will call you back because of some imperfections in the finished surface. They may want you to respray but that can take a long time and eat up whatever profit you had in the job.

Tub detailing is a way to give the customer a like-new surface without needing to start over. Usually you can sand with something like 600 grit sandpaper, followed up by sanding with 1,500 grit. After that you can use a buffer with a foam or wool where and polish the surface to a high gloss.

NAPCO’s full line of tub detailing supplies include whatever you might need.

Give us a call if you are unfamiliar with how to detail a tub. We can help you get going and save yourself some hassle on your call backs.

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