Why refinishing is a great business opportunity

kitchen remodeling

Refinishing is a great home based business opportunity because:

  • Potential customer base is almost limitless: residential, multi-unit buildings, property managers, hotels/motels, retirement facilities.
  • Refinishing is by far the least cost option to change the color or repair a damaged tub, tile, sink or counter.
  • Earn $100 or more per hour.
  • Great flexibility, you set your own hours.

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Here’s a chart that compares the three common methods to repair or change the color of a tub.

Total Replacement Liner Refinish
Cost $4,000 $2,395 for tub and wall system $299 for tub, $599 for tub and 3 wall surround
Time without tub 7 - 10 days 2 day 8 hours
Durability 15 plus years 10-15 years 10 - 15 years
Look and feel Porcelain, plastic or fiberglass Acrylic or plastic shell Retains the look and feel of the original porcelain and ceramic fixtures
Disruption to home and life Major: dust, debris, dumpsters, drywall, several workmen Moderate: dust and debris Minimal: one worker, done in a few hours

bath and kitchen refinishing profits - infographic
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The refinishing franchise opportunity is expensive

The most popular franchise opportunity in refinishing is expensive. All in, it costs about $100,000. With NAPCO you receive many of the same benefits at a cost of about $5,000. Plus, with NAPCO you don’t have any ongoing fees to the franchise. You get the best of the franchise experience without the exorbitant cost. Read more about the small business opportunity from NAPCO.


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