Becoming a certified refinisher is an excellent career path for any aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner. The opportunities for growth and expansion are almost limitless - you can make your own hours and have the potential to earn more than $100,000 per year. At NAPCO, we want to be able to provide refinishers with as many opportunities as possible for growing your business and being the best, which is why we have designed our 3-day Kitchen and Bath Refinishing Training Program to set up refinishers to start earning immediately after class completion.

NAPCO 3-Day Kitchen and Bath Refinishing Training

Our 3-day, hands-on training is perfect for both new and master refinishers. We work with trainees new to refinishing, as well as help adjacent professionals up their contracting skills in order to improve their overall portfolio of services. For example, we were very proud to work with the Painting Contractors Association last year to create this promotional and awareness video highlighting the benefits of adding kitchen and bath refinishing to a painter's skillset.

Choosing NAPCO's three-day training program is designed to get you the skills and education necessary to find success the industry. So, with so many other options for training out there, why choose our NAPCO refinishing training class over competitors?

Why the NAPCO Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Class is the Best Available Class

  1. All equipment and coatings are included in the total cost. Our 3-day training program is just $4,995 and includes all the coatings, chemicals and equipment you need to get started on your career as a professional refinisher. Over 40 essential items are included with this package. You can find the full list of what's included in the total cost here. To say it simply, what you pay is what you get - there are no add-on fees or additional equipment that you will need for training, or even after completion. Come to class on day one having everything you need right in front of you!
  2. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. You don't become the best in the industry by underselling your results. We stand behind our trainers and the training program; guaranteeing that it will provide you with the skills and confidence you need to go out and get your clients' work done. If you feel we did an inadequate job and aren’t completely happy with the training you received, you'll get your course cost refunded.
  3. Training goes beyond refinishing techniques. Refinishers will learn hands-on techniques for bathtub, cabinet and countertop refinishing and product application, however, it doesn't stop there. Trainees will also learn the basic knowledge of starting a business and marketing their services. After attending NAPCO training, refinishers and entrepreneurs are ready to hit the ground running and start earning and growing their client base immediately.
  4. We have the name recognition. Our products are hailed as the #1 products in the kitchen and bath refinishing industry. NAPCO's line of Kitchen Renew products were awarded the Green Wise certification from Coatings Research Group, Inc. (CRGI). These are products that earn awards and get great reviews by clients. With a 100% product satisfaction guarantee, we stand by the quality of our products. We also are proud of our reputation thanks in part to our superior customer service.

The Other Big Benefits to Choose NAPCO for Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Training

  1. Inclusive product package to get you started. In addition to providing what you need to get started in training, the cost of our training program also includes a comprehensive training package that includes enough NAPCO products to enable you to complete upwards of 24 tubs, four countertops, and one full cabinet job. That means you'll earn money on real jobs to help you recoup the costs of the training program!
  2. Full tech support. NAPCO customers enjoy FREE one-on-one tech support both via calls and Zoom. We are the first and only refinishing company in the United States to extend free virtual technical support to its refinishers. It is an exciting opportunity for you to work directly with our experts and solve problems on the job, no matter where you are or what problems you are facing.
  3. Access to the NAPCO marketing portal. Training doesn't stop at the course's end. Trainees have access to the NAPCO marketing portal where you can use tried and trued business and marketing strategies and material to your own benefit. This includes access to before/after photos, product brochures, helpful links to marketing your business, and more.
  4. Tradition of success. The number one reason to take our training course is because it works -- and we have plenty of previous trainee testimonials to prove it. Kitchen and bath refinishers who have completed our NAPCO training program have gone on to make over $100,000 a year. We have initiated our training program to create new partners. We want you to be successful so we give you everything you need to succeed and our list of successful graduates is evidence of that.

Ready to hit the ground running and make the first step to becoming a professional refinisher? Come be a part of the NAPCO family and have access to training that preps you beyond learning the basics of kitchen and bath refinishing. You can view the upcoming class dates and register online here. Get going on your new career today!