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Refinishing Equipment

The right tub refinishing equipment is super important

Bathtub refinishing equipment can make the difference between an easy day and one filled with hassles. Imagine you show up on your first day and your spray system doesn’t work. Is it the unit, maintenance or just bad karma? Actually, it really doesn’t matter. Your refinishing equipment isn’t working and that spells disaster for the rest of the day.

The long and short of it is to purchase the best equipment you can and maintain it well. Then it is always there for you. NAPCO offers the best tub, tile and countertop refinishing equipment to keep you always running smoothly. We offer HVLP spray systems, spray guns, fume exhausters, heat guns and repair kits.

One of the most important steps is proper tub, countertop and tile refinishing equipment maintenance. We offer a complete line of replacement parts for the systems we sell. If you properly maintain the top quality equipment we sell, it will make you money for years and years to come.

Don’t be caught with inferior or worn out refinishing equipment. Order today at 800-888-1081 or online.