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Standard Coatings

Bathtub Refinishing Coatings

Available in 4-, 24-, 48-hour cure times

Most companies offer one or two refinishing standard coatings. We found customers just don’t fit into that world so we offer more choices of bathtub refinishing coatings. Please note though, all of our coatings will result in an end product you can be proud of. They all spray on easily and provide a professional finish. The only difference is the cure time. You can offer your customer a choice between the three (at different price points) and let them decide. Believe us, they like the choice.

Mega-Fast Poly-Glass has a 4-hour cure time. This is perfect for one-tub households or commercial accounts like nursing homes, hospitals or hotels. This is by far our most popular resin.

Poly-Glass Quick Dry has a 24-hour cure. This may be a good choice for many of your customers. The wait time for them isn’t extraordinary, especially if they have more than 1 tub.

Poly-Glass Regular Dry could be considered our line of refinishing standard coatings. This coating will be fully cured in 48 hours. Believe it or not, some customers don’t mind waiting that long. Many have more than 1 tub so it’s not an issue.

Our Stain No More Catalyst can be added to any of our resins to give the ultimate in stand and chip resistance. Many refinishers use this for kitchen and vanity tops.

Professional kitchen refinishers can order supplies online or call us at 800-888-1081.