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All Purpose Thinner
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***ALL Polyglass 320 Resins NOW USE Universal Catalyst and All-Purpose Reducer/Thinner!!*** One thinner for All polyurethane topcoats. It's a no-brainer.

This workhorse thinner is specially formulated for product compatibility and optimum performance. It is a blend of extra pure thinners, this medium speed formula will help provide high quality and maximum gloss when used to reduce (thin) all NAPCO Poly-Glass brand topcoats and Epoxy Primers.

The chemical components of the thinners you use is critical to your success. Use one that allows the solvent to evaporate too quickly and the coating can "skin over" before the solvent below has a chance to evaporate, causing solvent popping. This can be a major cause of callbacks, costing you time and money. Rapid evaporation can be a killer as well. condensation can form on the surface, resulting in blushing. That's bad. If a solvent evaporates too slowly, you run the risk of surface runs and sags that can ruin the look of the resurfaced fixture.

That's a lot to take in. Just trust us on this one. If you use this thinner, your jobs have a better chance of turning out brilliantly, reducing your stress level. One thing to note though: in cold conditions you might want to use our Fast Thinner. It usually yields better results in colder conditions.

For the average size bathtub (35 square foot surface), mix 10 oz. of PolyGlass resin with 5 oz. of the Universal Catalyst (by volume). Thin with 5 oz. of the All-Purpose Reducer to spray apply. Spray 1 light tack coat followed by 2 wet coats. Pause between coats to inspect the work. Allow the coating to “tack’ before applying the next coat. At 75F and 50% humidity, PolyGlass resin will dry to touch in 8-15 minutes. Remove masking paper and apply caulk in 30-45 minutes after the last coat is applied.

Notes and Precautions:
Refer to the MSDS sheet before use. The NAPCO PolyGlass Resin should be shaken constantly for 20-40 seconds before use. For a 35-square foot tub, mix 10-oz of PolyGlass Resin, with 5 oz. of Catalyst and 5 oz. of All Purpose or Fast Reducer.
All components should be stored indoors between 50-90 F. Shelf-life in unopened containers is one year from the date of manufacture. The catalyst is particularly sensitive to high humidity, so the catalyst container must be kept closed at all times when not in use. The viscosity of the resin will more than double at 50F vs. 75F (perhaps requiring more reducer for proper spray, which further lengthens the recoat tack times as well as slowing down the cure). If the components are stored at high temperatures, (90F and above), the viscosity of the base will noticeably be lowered, and the solvents in the mixed paint will evaporate more rapidly, causing too fast a “dry” and may result in a lower gloss and powdery finish. The shorter pot-life at high temperatures could lead to drastically shortened working time and could even gel in the paint pot.

– This item is compliant to California’s 2020 VOC Regulations. Click Here for a list of California areas that must be VOC compliant.


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