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Tub Repair

Tub Resurfacing Products

The final result is much better when the tub is repaired first

Everyone knows you need a strong foundation to build a house. The same holds true for bathtub resurfacing. You need to fix all the imperfections otherwise you will never get a smooth finished product. We all know that leads to call-backs which eat into your profit.

Professional resurfacers all over the world trust NAPCO’s bathtub resurfacing products to help them properly prep before spraying.

Take the Badger Air Brush; weighing in at just 1 lb., it is the best tool to use to repair a few chips. At just $35.00 it gets the job done quickly without wasting coating and is super quick to clean.

Our list of bathtub resurfacing supplies just goes on and on. We’ve got you covered with sandpaper, polishing pads and complete tub detailing packs.

Another of tub repair products you shouldn’t be without is our hardener. Use this highly pliable filler on concave chips and scratches. Unlike auto body fillers, our hardener won’t adversely react with cast iron tubs.

Here’s the best thing about buying your bathtub resurfacing supplies from NAPCO: on-the-go tech support. Call us at 800-888-1081 with your problem and we can walk you through a solution, getting you back in business right away.