Equipment, Supplies, and Training for the Professional Refinisher


Preparatory & Protection Supplies

Referrals can be the lifeblood of your bathtub resurfacing business, but only if your work is top notch. Preparing the surface and is the first step. Our full complement of tools will allow you, the professional tub and tile refinisher, to get started right and produce a finished product your customers will love.

So before you spray any one of our Poly-Glass coatings or Flint-Stone Faux Granite coating take the time to prepare the fixture correctly.

We carry: Brushes; Rollers; Scrapers, spreaders and blades; Funnels; Masking tape; Masking paper; Tubing; Tack cloths; Drop cloths; Sponges; Stirrers; Spray socks; Repair supplies; Fiberglass; Water resistant filler; Hardener; Glue in drains; Gun cleaning brushes

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