Tub, tile, cabinet and counter refinishing is a hot home business opportunity

Entrepreneurs are making $100 or more per hour

tub refinishing business

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bath and kitchen refinishing profits - infographicA unique Small Business Opportunity
Have you ever dreamed about being your own boss? Setting your own hours and reaping the full benefits of your efforts? Refinishing is a great home based business opportunity and with NAPCO it is within your reach. Read more about why refinishing is such a great home business opportunity.

Not just another refinishing franchise opportunity
With NAPCO, you get into the business for about $5,000 and get many of the same services as a franchise. Initial franchise costs can run up to $100,000, plus there are ongoing monthly fees and typically a percentage of your sales are kicked back. Read more about this great small business opportunity.

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Here’s what one business owner says about NAPCO
“The refinishing course that I attended was very informative and professionally conducted. The hands-on training gave me the confidence I needed to actually refinish a bathtub. You have to keep in mind that I have never even held a spray gun before the course, let alone used one.  During the course, Mike mentioned that we should practice on a few bathtubs before we start refinishing for clients. That is exactly what I did. My own bathtub and tiles turned out fantastic.

I booked my first customer. The bathtub turned out really nice. The client was very happy. My second booking was from a person who owned a 12 unit apartment building. When I finished the bathtub, the owner of the building complimented me by saying ‘I'm glad I hired you, because I don't think that anyone else could have done a better job.’My work is good because of the incredible training I received. I also believe that the products that NAPCO offers contribute greatly to my good work. NAPCO's products, in my opinion, are top of the line. The technical support that you have provided me after I completed the course is also fantastic.

Small business opportunityJust six months after taking the course, I am earning $300-$600 per week on a part-time basis. In the next month or two I plan to quit my job and refinish bathtubs full time. The profit margin is fantastic. I don't know of any other business to get into that can earn me this kind of money with such little initial output of cash. Next year I know that it is a very real possibility that I will be earning a six digit income.I would like to thank you and the staff at NAPCO for providing me with the opportunity to work for myself once again, earning really good money.”
Craig H., Burlington, Ontario