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Paint Strippers for Tubs, Tiles, & Showers

The Best Paint Stripper on the Market

We have paint strippers and etching cleaners for any kitchen or bathroom refinishing job.
Refinishers need a safe paint stripper that is reliable and works just as well traditional paint strippers that contain methylene chloride. That’s where NAPCO’s Sonic Strip Paint Stripper comes in!

NAPCO’s New Methylene Chloride-Free Paint Stripper

A paint stripper specifically formulated to be significantly safer than other leading paint strippers on the market.

NAPCO Sonic Strip Paint Stripper is the latest in solvent-based alternatives that effectively removes multiple layers of paint and coatings without the use of methylene chloride or N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) and contains zero VOC’s.

This safe, low-odor, eco-friendly paint remover strips urethanes, modern epoxies, enamels, lacquers, and most other coatings from the toughest refinishing surfaces including porcelain, ceramic, metal, wood, and fiberglass. With maximum cling, it even works just as well on vertical surfaces! With Sonic Strip, you get an enamel stripper, urethane stripper, epoxy remover, and a fiberglass paint stripper all in one. Additionally, sonic strip has a built-in humectant to prevent premature drying and extend processing time!

Safety comes first with NAPCO’s leading paint stripper, Sonic Strip. Don’t wait to start safely and effectively removing layers of paint- get your Sonic Strip paint stripper today!

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  2. NAPCO Piranha Prep - Etch & Cleaner Combo
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What Refinishers Have to Say About NAPCO’s Bathtub & Tile Refinishing Products


Review by Michael Marciano – Rochester, NY


Rating 5 5 Star Rating

My name is Michael Marciano and I've been refinishing bathtubs & tile for 8-years. Over that time I've experimented with multiple different coating providers such as Hawk Coatings, Shark Grip, Top Coat, Rustoleum, European Coatings, and NAPCO. Some coatings being more cost effective then others, some more convenient to purchase / acquire, but at the end of the day the 4-hour cure, customer service, work ability of their coating has concreted NAPCO as my only chemical provider moving forward.
The trade in program offered by NAPCO is a great resource for any refinisher on the fence about switching to NAPCO full time, they took all of my remaining competitor coatings and gave me more then a $1,000 in product to replace the aging coatings on my shelf and remove the thought of using a competitors product.
Thank you once again Larry for you great customer service and letting an existing customer utilize this program.

Review by Joe Richardson – Richardson HomeWorks LLC


Rating 5 5 Star Rating

We have been using Napco products for about 1.5 years now. Napco products have always exceeded our expectations. We primarily use their 320 Product lines. After we depleted our stock of their Poly Tub & Tile Prep we ordered their new tile preparation product (Piranha Prep). The Piranha Prep is a concentrated solution that cleaned the tubs very well without those harsh chemical odors.
So, on the behalf of Richardson HomeWorks LLC, we thank you for such an amazing Tub and Tile Prep.

Paint Stripper & Etching Cleaner FAQ

What types of paint strippers does NAPCO offer?

NAPCO offers the Sonic Strip Paint Stripper, which is formulated to be significantly safer than other leading paint strippers on the market.

What types of etching and cleaner products does NAPCO offer?

NAPCO offers the Piranha Prep, which is an environmentally friendly, hydrofluoric acid-free, 2-in-1 etch and cleaner product that is perfect for use on tile, ceramic, or porcelain surfaces.

Who can order NAPCO’s products?

Due to the chemical nature and particular handling of many of our products, NAPCO does not sell to the general public. We are concerned for your safety and want to make sure you are educated on the products you are using. Prospective customers can contact us to see if they qualify to become a NAPCO dealer.

Does NAPCO offer discounts for refinishers ordering in large quantities?

Yes! Each customer is included in our NAPCO Loyalty Program to ensure they receive the maximum discount off of our already competitive prices. The more you purchase from NAPCO, the more money you save.