NAPCO Methylene Chloride-Free Paint Stripper
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NAPCO Sonic Strip Stripper


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NAPCO’s new Methylene Chloride-Free Paint Stripper has active solvents present without using methylene chloride or NMP, meaning it is specifically formulated to be considerably safer than other leading paint strippers on the market.
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For faster removal, use a utility knife or razor blade to score the surface multiple times with large diagonal slashes or large Xs. This will allow the stripper to penetrate faster through multiple layers of coating down to the substrate.

NAPCO Sonic Strip Key Features & Benefits:
Methylene chloride free.
Clings to vertical surfaces, can be brushed on and will stay where applied.
• Removal of urethanes, modern epoxies, enamels, lacquers, and most other coatings.
• Can be used on porcelain, ceramic, metal, wood, and FIBERGLASS surfaces.
• Coating softens within 20-30 minutes.
• Specifically designed to target polyurethane and moden epoxy coatings.
• Humectant built in to prevent premature drying to extend processing time!
• More tolerable, less offensive odor. (RSP mask still recommended)
• Multiple layers and/or stubborn finishes may require repeat application.
• Pour or brush on application.

NAPCO Sonic Strip stripper is scientifically formulated for efficient and effective removal of urethanes, modern epoxies, enamels, lacquers, and most other coatings from porcelain, ceramic, metal, wood, and EVEN FIBERGLASS surfaces without the use of methylene chloride or NMP. Not recommended for use on synthetic materials.

The features and benefits are only a few reasons Sonic Strip should be a product in every refinisher's inventory. Not only does it save time and money, but it's also safer for you, your customer and our environment!

Call now for a free sample!! 800-888-1081!

NAPCO Sonic Strip Stripper - Product Sheets

NAPCO Sonic Strip Stripper Sell Sheet - download PDF
NAPCO Sonic Strip Stripper SDS - download PDF


Rating 5 5 Star Rating

We have been using Napco products for about 1.5 years now. Napco products have always exceeded our expectations. We primarily use their 320 Product lines. After we depleted our stock of their Super Orange Stripper we ordered their new stripper (Sonic Stripper). The Sonic Stripper was impressive. It worked better than any stripper we used on bathtubs. So, on the behalf of Richardson HomeWorks LLC, we thank you for such an amazing stripper (that does not contain that deadly Methylene Chloride).


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