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NAPCO Introduces Revamped Customer Reward Program

We want to thank you for being a loyal customer. We love having you here, and we’re always working hard to make sure your experience with us is the best in can be!

We want to help you save money. This customer loyalty program is designed to ensure you get the maximum discount you deserve off! The more you purchase from NAPCO, the more money you save!

Based on your NAPCO sales for the prior year (rolling 12 months), you will receive a discount on all your purchases. These discounts are:

NAPCO Customer Loyalty Program

GEM Level Prior 12mth Sales Discount % Sundry %
Bronze $6,500 - $32,000 15% 6%
Silver $32,000 - $70,500 20% 8%
Gold $70,500 - $128,000 25% 10%
Platinum $128,000 + 30% 12%

Over and above the discounts listed above we offer generous volume discounts on many items based on the quantity you purchase on each individual order. These line-item discounts are listed below and calculated on the discounted price based on your gem level.

Amount Purchased Discount
5 Gallons 10%