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The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Business

The Ultimate Guide
To Starting Your Own Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Business

Ready to start your day your way? Launching your own refinishing business is a great opportunity for you to take control of your career and your life. With a little hard work and determination, refinishing entrepreneurship has the potential to help you earn an annual six-figure income.

NAPCO’s 3-day refinishing training course will give you all the knowledge you need to become a qualified kitchen and bathroom refinisher. We have the supplies, support, and training you’ve been looking for to get started.

Why Start a Refinishing Business?

COVID-19 is the single most impactful event on society in the last two decades. It forever changed how people live and work—and as people start working at home more permanently or semi-permanently, the kitchen and bath refinishing business is seeing a significant change in demand as a result.

Refinishers were hit hard by the pandemic in the beginning, but now, the future is brighter than ever. According to the most recent Kitchen and Bath Market Index (KBMI) for Q1 2021, the kitchen and bath refinishing industry went from a declining market to one that is now not only thriving but thriving at an unprecedented rate.

Are you ready to start a lucrative career working for yourself? Become an entrepreneur, start refinishing countertops and bathtubs, and earn as much as $100.00 per hour or more in a fast-growing trade that pays big dividends.

Refinishing Business Success Starts with a Plan

The key to successful entrepreneurship is not only having the ideas and the goals, but also the tools and strategies to keep your business successful. With NAPCO’s kitchen and bath refinishing training, you gain the technical skills and the knowledge you need to refinish as well as start your own business. Throughout your entire career, you will receive continued support while building a loyal partnership with NAPCO to ensure your success.

Should I Start My Own Refinishing Business or Join a Franchise?

The refinishing franchise opportunity is expensive; it costs about $100,000 to join a franchise opportunity!

When you start your own refinishing business, it can cost you as little as $7,000! And you don’t have any ongoing fees like you do when you join a franchise.

So, the answer to this question is very simple: Start your own refinishing business! You’ll save money, keep more of the money you earn and be more in control!

Cabinet, Countertop, & Bathtub Refinishing Business Opportunity

Endless Customer Base

  •     ● Residential
  •     ● Multi-Unit Buildings
  •     ● Property Managers
  •     ● Hotels & Motels
  •     ● Retirement Facilities
  •     ● And more!
  • ♦ It's an easy sale - Bathtub refinishing saves homeowners 80% or more over new. It's a no-brainer!
  • ♦ Great flexibility - Work full-time or part time
  • ♦ Great money - Earn $100 per hour or more
  • ♦ Multiple markets - Residential, commercial, hotels/motels, retirement homes, etc.
  • ♦ Be your own boss - Take control of your future
  • ♦ Ongoing savings - The more you buy the more you save with our Gemstone rewards program
Refinishing Profits Chart - bathroom and kitchen

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Frequently Asked Questions About Starting a Kitchen & Bath Refinishing Business

Q: How long does it take to learn refinishing?

A: You can learn refinishing very quickly if you take a refinishing course or enroll in a refinishing training program. At NAPCO, we offer a 3-day training program that is designed to give you all the skills and hands-on experience you need. However, we encourage new trainees to continue practicing and furthering their refinishing skills outside of the 3-day training course.

Q: Do I need a certificate or diploma to start my refinishing business?

A: Although it is not necessarily required, a certificate or diploma is very helpful for getting your company insured and with your advertising. People love to deal with a trained professional.

Q: How do I choose the best refinishing training class or program?

A: Look for a refinishing training class or program that offers as much hands-on experience as possible! In other words, stay away from training outfits that give you mostly classroom education with little, if any, actual spraying or hands-on experience.

Q: What type of experience should I look for in a resurfacing and refinishing trainer?

A: Look for a resurfacing and refinishing trainer that has extensive experience in both professional refinishing itself as well as training in refinishing. The more experience, the better!

Q: What is typically covered in a refinishing class?

A: Typical refinishing classes will train you on the following:

  •     ● How to put together your business plan
  •     ● Marketing your business
  •     ● Surface preparation
  •     ● Repairing and refinishing bathtubs, tile, sinks, countertops, cabinets, etc.
  •     ● Color matching
  •     ● Equipment
  •     ● Safety
  •     ● And more!

Q: How do I sell my resurfacing and refinishing services?

A: There are many ways to sell your resurfacing and refinishing services. At minimum, you will need a marketing and business plan; brochures, business cards, and other marketing materials to promote your business and services; and a website to give your business a professional image.

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