Universal Catalyst for Many Coatings
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Universal Catalyst


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One catalyst for numerous topcoats.
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***ALL Polyglass 320 Resins NOW USE Universal Catalyst and All-Purpose Reducer/Thinner!!*** We developed Universal Catalyst to make your life easier. One catalyst for All polyurethane topcoats. It's a no-brainer. .

Just follow the easy 2 to 1 mixing instructions and spray away! We are confident this catalyst will quickly become the catalyst of choice and hold a permanent position in your toolbox.

Laboratory Data --- Typical Properties

  • Appearance --- Clear Liquid
  • Specific Gravity --- 0.910
  • Flash Point --- 81°F
  • Boiling Range --- 257-302°F


    For the average size bathtub (35 square foot surface), mix 10 oz. of PolyGlass resin with 5 oz. of the Universal Catalyst (by volume). Thin with 5 oz. of the All-Purpose Reducer to spray apply. Spray 1 light tack coat followed by 2 wet coats. Pause between coats to inspect the work. Allow the coating to “tack’ before applying the next coat. At 75F and 50% humidity, PolyGlass will dry to touch depending on the speed chosen. Remove masking paper and apply caulk in 30-45 minutes after the last coat is applied.

    – This item is compliant to California’s 2020 VOC Regulations. Click Here for a list of California areas that must be VOC compliant.

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