Tile Floor Semi-Gloss Coatings
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Tile Floor Semi-Gloss Coatings


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NAPCO's Tile Floor Coating is specially designed to be able to withstand abrasion as well as scuffs and mar resistance. We knew it was important to design a coating that would already feel familiar to refinishers. With NAPCO’s new Spray-On Tile Floor Coating, durability is key. This coating is more durable than any other coatings by NAPCO. 


NAPCO's Tile Floor Semi-Gloss Coating Highlights:

  • Sprayable using HVLP and #3 needle (1.0-1.3mm) 
  • 2K Solventborne Polyurethane – uses the same catalyst and thinner
  • Engineered for wear, scuff, and mar resistance
  • Dries quickly – 10 minutes or less per coat and 20 to 25 minutes after the last coat 
  • Cures in as little as two hours  - Return to use time - 24 hours
  • Finishes include Semi-Gloss (currently) and Matte will come soon
  • Can be matched to any color (Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore fan decks, or any solid custom color) 
More Information
More Information

The application is the exact same as our bath and tile coatings. Just like our other coatings, it’s suitable for hard, fired, or natural surfaces such as ceramic, porcelain, slate, and limestone. If it’s a tile like stone or granite, there’s a sealer coat present that should be sanded off before coating. However, it can’t be used for softer man-made materials like vinyl or linoleum; the solvents will eat away those tiles! Cleaning and prep are the same as well.

For the average size bathroom floor (approximately 70 square feet), mix 14 oz. of Semigloss Tile Floor Resin with 7 oz. of Universal Catalyst (by volume). Thin with 7 oz. of the All-Purpose Reducer to spray apply. 

Spray 1 light tack coat followed by 2 heavier coats. Wearing shoe spikes, spray starting from the corner furthest from the door, working backward until you’ve exited the room.

Allow the coating to dry to the touch before applying the next coat. At 75F and 50% humidity, Semigloss Tile Floor coating will dry to the touch in 10-15 minutes.  Unmask and remove the tape after the last coat fully dries to the touch (approximately 25 minutes). 

Adhesion – 
  1. The adhesion will be the same as refinishing a bathtub tile surround. 
                 Clean with piranha prep
                 Apply Gorilla Grip
Following these steps will give you both the mechanical and chemical bond

Suggested Warranty –
                 1-5 yrs depending on traffic. If this is in a main lobby or walkway it's suggested to give a shorter warranty. If in a rarely used guest bathroom, warranty longer.

Prepping -
 You will also need to prep with tape and use protective items such as a drop cloth, masking paper, or painter's plastic to protect baseboards, cabinets, etc depending on the area before spraying the floor.

Grout Lines – 
  1. You can spray right over them which will also seal and protect them
  2. If they’re dirty, you will need to clean them before spraying
When to spray the floor - 
  1. Spraying the floor should be last – on your way out once the tub, surround and vanity are completely dry so you can mask 
  2. Use shoe spikes. They will create holes or indents in the coating, but when the final coat is sprayed they will fill in and smooth out. 
Overspray on the floor – 
Check the flow on your air valve before spraying to ensure overspray is minimized. If it's causing overspray then you need to adjust the valve to reduce the air pressure. 

When is it "Dry to Tack" –  
Wait longer in between coats, at least 15 mins. You can use a box fan to speed up the drying (MAKE SURE THE FAN IN NOT ON WHILE SPRAYING)

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