NAPCO's Refinisher Mastermind Group: Where the Best Get Better
Equipment, Supplies, and Training for the Professional Refinisher
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NAPCO's Refinisher Mastermind Group: Where The Best Get Better

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What is NAPCO's Refinisher Mastermind Group?

This is a group of 8 to 10 refinisher business owners who meet once each month on a 60-minute video call to learn new strategies for growing their business and running their business better. The strength is in "The Group“.

Why Does it Work?

NAPCO's Refinisher Mastermind Group works because it is led by industry leading professionals. The group members are a mix of successful veteran refinisher business owners and new owners learning from each other in a collaborative network. There is shared learned and shared lessons.

What Topics are Covered?

There are new topics each month. Often the group members tell us what they want the topic to be. There are two tracks of topics in each meeting;

  1. 1. Product/Technical: This track includes information on all NAPCO products, new coatings, equipment and techniques. We also answer technical questions from the team.
  2. 2. Business/Sales: This track includes topics related to marketing, sales, management and hiring. The content includes best practices drawn from the most successful refinisher business owners. The best content is often the open discussion between owners in the room.

Join the Mastermind Group, Improve Yourself, Grow Your Business

Technical Topics

  1. Prepping Tips
  2. Spray techniques
  3. Coatings comparison 320 vs Mega Fast
  4. How to correct and avoid fisheyes
  5. Color matching techniques
  6. Maintaining your equipment
  7. And many more

Sales and Business Topics

  1. Developing a simple business plan
  2. How to hire and train technicians
  3. Strategies for using Facebook
  4. How to connect with hotel managers
  5. Closing the sale with a home-owner
  6. Asking for referrals
  7. Networking with property managers
  8. And many more

The Conversation: Many of our Mastermind Group members have told us our topics are great, but the best thing they get is often the conversations in the room with other refinishing business owners.


Join the Mastermind Group, Improve Yourself, Grow Your Business

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