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Eco-Friendly Greener Coatings

NAPCO is an industry leader in eco friendly tub coatings.

Bathtub coatings in the past had a lot of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Due to government regulation and consumers’ desire for a greener footprint, NAPCO has come up with a more eco friendly bathtub coating. In fact...we’ve come up with two!

Our Polyglass 320 tub coating stands out because it is a bathtub coating with lower VOC’s, yet sprays on like a conventional tub and tile coating. The VOC’s meet the Federal Government new restrictions on lower VOC’s. It also has lower odor, making it an ideal tub and tile coating for commercial work in multi-tenant facilities.

If you want to take it a step further, try our Eco Glaze, waterborne tub and tile coating. This is good for you, good for your customers and good for the environment. Conventional tub coatings have VOC’s. Eco Glaze is a tub coating with no VOC’s! As such, this bathtub coating has no odor and washes up with plain water.

You’ll love this bathtub coating because:

• No odor

• No need for thinner

• Finish is just as hard as conventional a conventional bathtub coating

• Use less material

• Safer for you

• Preferred by your customers

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