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Eco-Glaze Coatings

EcoGlaze Waterborne coating

A green coating with conventional coating performance

Concern for the environment has been growing and it most likely won’t stop. NAPCO’s Eco Glaze coating provides refinishers with an easy way to tap into this market. EcoGlaze is a waterborne coating so that means it cleans up with water, has almost no fumes, is easy to use and better for you as a refinisher.

Our resurfacers told us they needed something to differentiate them from the competition. We put our chemist hard to work and came up with EcoGlaze.

• Eliminates the need to purchase and haul around thinner or gun cleaner
• Cleans up with water
• Is just as durable as conventional coatings
• Is safer for refinishers and their customers
• Has a lower material cost per tub as it has 50% more solids than conventional coatings

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Professional refinishers also like our 320; low VOC line of coatings.

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