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Choose your sheet size, then your color: Your choice of a White or Bone Inlay Sheets
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NAPCO only sells products to professional refinishers, if you are a HOMEOWNER or CONTRACTOR please click here.

If you aren't selling're missing out on a good source of income

There are literally thousands of tubs and showers with sagging fiberglass bottoms that have cracked with use. This is a problem that just won't go away and the consequences are serious. Water can seep in and rot the subfloor. Worse than that, mold can easily grow and can cause respiratory problems.

The NAPCO inlay is customized to your customer's tub or shower. That means it will fit perfectly around the drain, no matter where it is.

Here's how the process works:
1. You measure the tub or shower. Click Here for measurement instructions.
2. Send in the measurements to NAPCO by using the correct order form.
3. We produce the inlay exactly to your measurements.
4. You receive the inlay and install it. Click Here for instructions.

Key points about our inlays:
  • Install in just about 1 hour!
  • Are usable in a few hours.
  • Come in bone or white.
  • Wide range of base sizes.
  • Have a built-in anti-slip surface.
  • Inlay is totally refinishable to whatever color your customer wants.

    These are great for commercial accounts such as nursing homes, hotels, motels, resorts, etc.; anywhere they can't have a unit down for a long time. Also an easy sale for one-tub homes.
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