NAPCO Ltd is a 35 year-old company providing equipment, supplies and training to professional kitchen and bathroom refinishers.


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Tracy, WI
"...That was the other thing that I liked about it, you could do it in a weekend. Where other franchises are much more expensive and they want 1 - 2 weeks of your time. This fit into our schedule and allowed us to hit the ground running."

Rajiv, GA
"...From the first hour I was here I knew my money was well spent. I know we'll prosper in this business simply because of the quality training we got..."

Peter, NY
"...It's very hands-on: It is one thing to be told, it is another thing to do it yourself. I got more than I paid for. Anyone who wants training in this field, this is the place to be."


Mark, MS

"I feel confident that I have been trained by the best and am dealing with an excellent product. I appreciate how honest you were about what we need and some of the things we do not need. That is exactly what I look for in a vendor rather than someone who just wants to sell product without regard to whether I really need it or not."

John, CA
"Keep your money out of the stock market and invest in NAPCO's class. You will get a huge return on your investment. I made over $150K in my first year in a soft economy."

Ben, TN
"I don't know if I've told you lately, but thanks. Every day when I wake up and 'go to work', I'm thankful that I'm going to work for myself. I couldn't have done it without your class and everyone at NAPCO. That's not a commercial, just the truth."

Jim, OH
"It was absolutely worth the cost of the trip and class."

Melissa, OH
"The teacher was very informative and seemed to enjoy the work. The best part is that I had hands-on training, a training manual to take home with me and ongoing tech support once I leave class."

johnaJohn, OH
"Before talking to NAPCO, I thought all I needed was the products to start my own tub refinishing business. I am a car painter with 10 years of experience so I thought there was nothing NAPCO could show me. After talking to their trainer on the phone I knew I had to take the class. This was an excellent class and the best part was all the marketing ideas. I'm glad I came."

David, GA
"The class was worth every penny and more!"

Matthew, TN
"I wish I could learn about everything the way I've learned this. The best part about this class is being able to ask a lot of questions. The only thing that would make this class better would be to throw in a free massage."

Joyce, California
"The best $500 I've ever spent!" We were taught everything we needed to know about refinishing tubs, sinks, counter tops, and more. In only eighteen hours we were held spellbound with his humor and detailed description of all aspects of the business. He showed us how to use and disassemble the equipment for cleaning and maintenance. He taught us how to do the job right the first time. "Skip no steps" was his mantra for doing a quality job and building a strong referral base. Mike taught us how to hire employees and how to bid a job. Not one moment of our time was wasted. Our class was small but synergistic. We learned together and actually repaired, primed and reglazed three claw foot tubs in the class. He encouraged us to call with any questions, from technical to bidding jobs. He has answered every question in great detail and welcomes more."

John, IL
"I was already a professional painter when I signed up for class. This class teaches so much more than refinishing tubs. It encompasses the whole aspect of business ownership, operations and technique. This was a tremendous value for the money! I came for the training, but I'm leaving with a yearning for business success."

Randy, CA
"I am not in the business of commercial refinishing. I mainly attended the class to upgrade and maintain my rental properties, although I have already been asked about doing some work for others based on what they have seen of my work.

I recently refinished a countertop with the Flintstone material. The job turned out very well in my opinion for the first attempt.I am setting up to do my first tub this week, and I'm sure that with the training I received from NAPCO I will be well prepared to handle it.

By the way the equipment and material that I have purchased from NAPCO have been first rate. I am very pleased.

Thanks for the great training and customer service. I am sure we will be doing business for quite a while."

kevinlKevin, MS
"The trainer is top notch! Like nothing I've ever seen. He is very passionate about his company and his work. The marketing tools and information I learned was very informative and gave me more of a direction to go with my business."

juliotJulio, AZ
"This was money well spent. I even want to send my employees to take the class in the future."

Byron , MD
"I wanted to thank you for all your help. I came to your class about a year ago with no knowledge of bathtub refinishing, and had always worked for someone else. In just 2 days you provided complete instruction on refinishing, business planning, and even advertising. I left your class and got my home improvement license, business license, and started advertising in August. Because of your advertising suggestions (internet, website) by mid September I had so much work I quit my full time job. Then, as you said, I started to slow toward December and I remembered you said to take that time and start going to apartments and hotels and introducing myself. December ended up being my most profitable month. In your class I also remember you said if you're not making $70,000/yr, call because something is wrong. At that time I chuckled to myself thinking, 'if only it's that easy." Well, only 9 months in and I'm already past that. Thanks again for your continued support."

Jay, IL
"I've been a pro painter and trainer for a combined total of 32 years and the NAPCO class was able to keep my attention. The class was well worth the investment. The best part of class was the attention to quality and customer service."

Thomas, MO
"I have attended a lot of different training programs and schools over the years and this by far had more information and hands-on training than any I have attended. The best part of the class is the instructor's ability to present the information and his knowledge/technical proficiency."

Emmett, TN
"The trainer had a lot of real world experience that was shared to keep us from making mistakes."