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Q: What is a tub or shower inlay?
A: An inlay is a custom manufactured piece of laminate that completely covers the bottom of a bathtub or shower. Using special adhesive, a permanent bond is created to the tub or shower bottom. The end result is a permanently repaired fixture.

Q: What does an inlay do?
A: Inlays permanently repair cracks in fiberglass, plastic and acrylic tub and shower bottoms. The damaged bottom is permanently repaired with a brand new slip resistant bottom.

Q: What type of fixtures can a shower or bathtub inlay be used on?
A: Fiberglass, plastic and acrylic bathtub and shower bottoms.

Q: What types of surfaces are not suitable for a tub inlay?
A: NAPCO inlays are not suitable for porcelain, ceramic, pressed steel or cast iron bathtub or shower bottoms.

Q: Is an inlay difficult to install?
A: No. Most people install their first one in under 45 minutes. After you have installed a couple, it should take no more than 30 minutes for installation.

Q: Do all inlays require a template?
A: Templates are required for irregular shapes or more complicated designs. Inlays with simple square or rectangular shapes (including drain holes or drain wraps) can be ordered by calling us.

Q: How do I make a template?
A: It's easy to do. Complete instructions are on this site.

Q: What colors do NAPCO inlays come in?
A: NAPCO has two very popular colors, white and bone. Plus, inlays can be refinished along with a bathtub or shower to any color your customer wants.

Q: Can I custom order an anti-slip surface for my inlay?
A: All inlays come standard with a built-in anti-slip surface. It's never an extra cost.

Q: What about the edge of the inlay?
A: Our precision manufactured inlays have an attractive beveled edge that blends right in with the fixture.

Q: How durable are inlays?
A: Extremely durable. The new inlay will permanently bond to the existing tub or shower bottom. A properly installed inlay will not leak, crack or delaminate.

Q: What if the tub or shower bottom is soft?
A: Not a problem. Simply drill a few holes in the the fixture bottom and fill with NAPCO's Froth Pak The bottom will be shored up nicely. There's no need to patch the holes, because the inlay will permanently cover them.

Q: Once I place my order, how long before I receive my inlay?
A: We manufacture the templates in our facility. Therefore, we ship the next day after receipt of the template or completed order form.

Q: How long before my customer can use their bathtub or shower?
A: 24 hours to shower, 48 hours to bathe.

Q: How should my customer clean the inlay?
A: Clean as you would any fiberglass, acrylic or plastic surface.

Q: Does the inlay come with a guarantee?
A: Yes. If installed according to directions, NAPCO gives a lifetime guarantee against cracking or delaminating.

Q: Should I offer my customer a guarantee on the inlay?
A: Yes. Most refinishers offer a 5-year warranty.

Q: What should I charge to install an inlay?
A: Pricing for your customers depends on several factors - the size of the inlay, whether the job is residential or commercial and how many you are installing at one time. Call NAPCO toll-free for help on bidding your jobs.

Q: Will the inlay come loose?
A: If you follow NAPCO's easy step-by-step instructions, the inlay will permanently bond to the original bottom. In the unlikely event one was installed incorrectly, you can remove the inlay, sand the surface and install a new inlay.