Working as a kitchen and bath refinisher can be a very fulfilling career choice. Not only do independent refinishers create their schedule and work opportunities, but they can also earn six figures per year. NAPCO, Ltd. is dedicated to helping independent refinishers succeed with training, products, and business counsel.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, current estimates indicate there are about 300,000 unfilled jobs in the construction industry, and the industry is expected to need 747,000 additional workers by 2026. In fact, a new survey of nearly 375 members of the National Kitchen and Bath Association found that almost two-thirds of the respondents said they had difficulties hiring skilled workers in the previous year, and about 70% felt the problem had increased since 2016.

While that news may be stressful to digest for home builders and remodeling companies, it signals an opportunity for men and women who are considering starting their own refinishing business or those who are even adding refinishing to their current remodeling business. Learning both kitchen and bathroom refinishing can be done in a three-day, hands-on training program offered by NAPCO. Trainees will learn the ins and outs of refinishing applications and techniques to provide their business with even more opportunities.

Once you have a comfort level with the manual skill set required to produce quality kitchen and bath refinishing jobs, you will also need to work on your business planning and financial skills. NAPCO has created a formula that refinishers can use as a model to help them reach their six-figure financial goals.

The sample breakdown below are prices based on national averages and represents work per week:

Refinishing Profits Chart - bathroom and kitchen

Refinish 3 tubs @ $450 each = $1,350

Refinish 1 tub surround @ $350 each

Refinish one small kitchen (countertop and cabinets) @ $2,000 each

Total per week: $3,700 per week

If you work 50 weeks, the total earning potential is $185,000.