As outdoor temps heat up, it’s important to think about how heat and humidity can affect your bathtub refinishing supplies. And, according to The Climate Prediction Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Summer 2016 is going to be a scorcher. Nearly every state is going to experience hotter than average temps.

So what does this mean for your business? Here are some things to think about as the temperatures rise:

  1. As a mobile business, you likely keep your refinishing supplies in a camper, truck or van. Keep in mind that even on a moderate 70° day, temps inside a vehicle sitting for more than an hour top 115°.
  2. Heat accelerates any kind of catalyzed material. What helps speed up the chemical reactions gets even faster!
  3. Overheated filler will dry ultra-fast. So, unless you like working on fast forward, don’t let your supplies overheat.
  4. Additionally, any sprayable products that have gotten too warm cause their thinners to evaporate quickly and cause dry spray. Not helpful.
  5. We know that in many places summer doesn’t just bring heat; it also brings humidity. On a bathtub refinishing job, condensed moisture can compromise your surface prepping efforts. And as you know, prepping the surface can be the most important part of the job. Surface moisture will neutralize the active ingredients in our wipe on primer, Gorilla Grip.

Protect your Bathtub Refinishing Supplies from the Summer Heat

Don’t get discouraged! Read on for some tips and tricks to beat the heat and humidity this summer:

  1. If possible, store your bathtub refinishing supplies in a temperature controlled environment when not out on a job. Remember—garages can get quite hot too!
  2. Store material in an empty old cooler or ice chest in your vehicle with the lid closed to help regulated temps. (remember, no ice!)
  3. Pack your bathtub refinishing supplies into the cooler the evening before a job. The cooler evening temperatures will be insulated by the cooler and keep your supplies at an appropriate temperature.
  4. Use a box fan to blow air over surfaces that are sweating due to the heat. The fan will bring those surfaces back down to temperature and evaporate any moisture on the surface.

With the right preparation, and proper care for your refinishing supplies, you’ll be all set to rock your summer jobs. And remember, NAPCO’s team is always here to help! Call us at 800-888-1081 or visit

Do you have any tips for surviving the summer heat?