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September 2014

  1. Ask Mike Ripp: "How Can I Reduce Call Backs from Customers?

    “Mike, it’s important to me to be as efficient as possible in my business, so I can maximize my income. Call backs are always the #1 threat to that, so what can I do to significantly decrease the occurrence of those?” Let me perfectly clear on this: The more you skip steps and substitute cheap […]

  2. Protect Your Small Business Credit Score

    Small businesses don’t always have small expenses. As larger needs with your business come up, you’re going to want to explore some financing options. And that’s where it’s smart to know what a lender will be looking at in order to potentially approve you for financing. Credit is credit, right? Wrong. There’s a difference between […]

  3. Are We Entering “Housing Bubble 2”?

    In the most recent release of its home price index, the Federal Housing Finance Agency showed that the prices of U.S. homes rose only .8% in the second quarter of 2014. That’s important because while that’s the 12th quarter in a row that we’ve seen a home price increase, it suggests that compared to the […]

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