Cabinet Refinishing Products

NAPCO’s all-new line of Kitchen Renew cabinet refinishing products will help our professional refinishers appeal to a wider range of consumers. While we have traditionally specialized in refinishing products and training for bathtub and tile, we are now able to offer refinishing capabilities for bathroom and kitchen cabinets. This allows our contractors to expand their range of services outside of the bathroom, which is a powerful and proven way of growing the customer base.

For complete restoration projects of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you can rely on NAPCO to provide the latest and greatest products and training courses. The cabinet resurfacing products you see below are top-of-the-line materials, and you can trust NAPCO to answer any questions you may have on best uses or practices.

Cabinet Coatings

cabinet coatingThe kitchen is the center of the home, and its appearance should reflect its importance. It’s the place where families and friends gather, the place where the action is. Since so much activity takes place in the kitchen, sometimes it needs a little TLC. Cabinet coatings are a great way to make old kitchen cabinets look like new. Cabinet refinishing can give a kitchen a whole new look, without the hassle of tearing out and replacing the units.

Our Kitchen Renew cabinet coatings were created with the well-being of our refinishers in mind, and that is why our new cabinet coatings either meet or exceed the KCMA specifications after application. In addition, NAPCO is the only manufacturer in the refinishing industry with a 1K (one part) waterborne coating! These new products currently consist of two satin finish cabinet coatings. One comes in a bright white color (LINK) that can be easily tinted to match light tones and pastels, and the other is a clear that can be used to create custom colors.

Our cabinet coatings present a great new opportunity for our refinishers, as this new capability will help them better appeal to homeowners and grow their customer base. Utilizing cabinet coatings for improvement of the kitchen has huge appeal, as it is a much more affordable solution. Kitchen remodeling is extremely expensive and providing cost-saving options like cabinet coatings and refinishing is a great alternative.

Kitchen Renew Satin White Cabinet Coating - smooth and beautify old cabinet doors and surfaces for a fresh new look!

Kitchen Renew Satin Custom Coating - this waterborne coating is specifically formulated for use by an HVLP system to ensure a smooth, high-quality application.

Kitchen Refinishing Coatings - Product Sheets

Kitchen Renew Satin Custom Color Cabinet Coating Sell Sheet - download PDF

Kitchen Renew Satin Custom Color Cabinet Coating TDS - download PDF

Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets with NAPCO's Water-Borne Coating - Watch the Video