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Refinishing Inventory Trade Up Offer - SUCCESS


NAPCO will buy your ENTIRE refinishing supply inventory and REPLACE it with NAPCO bathtub refinishing products - one for one. No restrictions.

napco inventory trade up offerHave you wanted to try a different line of bath and countertop refinishing supplies, but been held back because of the cost of switching? Now is your chance to replace your entire stock of tub refinishing products with the best bathtub refinishing products for FREE. In a recent survey, 96% of current customers rated NAPCO products as “good” or “excellent” and 93% rated NAPCO’s customer service as “good” or “excellent.”We believe in our professional bathtub refinishing products so much that we will incur the cost of replacing your non-NAPCO products.

NAPCO will trade up a wide range of products such as: Additives, Cleaners, Primers, Coatings, and Chemicals. Upgrade to NAPCO today!

NAPCO Trade up steps

NAPCO will accept competitor stock from Topkote, Hawk Labs, and Midwest Chemicals, for FREE.
For more information submit the form.

Thank you for asking to upgrade your inventory with NAPCO! A representative from NAPCO will be in touch with you shortly to finish the process. In the meantime, look over our product section or browse through our latest blog posts.

After the form submission, you will also get a copy of our white paper "Fish Eyes in Coatings - What are they, and how to prevent them?"

napco white paper


Review by Michael Marciano – Rochester, NY

Rating 5 5 Star Rating

My name is Michael Marciano and I've been refinishing bathtubs & tile for 8-years. Over that time I've experimented with multiple different coating providers such as Hawk Coatings, Shark Grip, Top Coat, Rustoleum, European Coatings, and NAPCO. Some coatings being more cost effective then others, some more convenient to purchase / acquire, but at the end of the day the 4-hour cure, customer service, work ability of their coating has concreted NAPCO as my only chemical provider moving forward.

The trade in program offered by NAPCO is a great resource for any refinisher on the fence about switching to NAPCO full time, they took all of my remaining competitor coatings and gave me more then a $1,000 in product to replace the aging coatings on my shelf and remove the thought of using a competitors product.

Thank you once again Larry for you great customer service and letting an existing customer utilize this program.

Review by Eric Nelson – Louisiana

Rating 5 5 Star Rating

I have been on this bathtub refinishing journey for 13 years. I was like most of the old-school refinishers using very hazardous old-school chemicals and coatings. I am so pleased with my decision to make the switch to the NAPCO family and products!. First of all, the coatings and end results are phenomenal! My chemical storage space cut in half because with Napco's system, there are fewer steps, to do an outstanding professional job, and fewer steps provide a faster service and a larger profit margin. I also like the fact that they are dedicated to the industry and are always in the lab trying to improve and create products to stay ahead of the subpar coating companies and keep their partners advanced and superior in the refinishing industry!

I'm very enthusiastic about NAPCO's customer service. I believe I've spoken with every member so far this year, and everyone has been so kind, knowledgeable, and personable. I like the fact that, I am not alone out in the field, there is always Simon on call or whoever you may need to speak to, and they are happy to answer any questions to the best of their knowledge or even help you brainstorm a little if needed. I really like the idea of being viewed as a partner with Napco instead of just a number, a random customer, or dollar signs. The personal attention to my business growth is something I have never encountered with any other Bathtub Refinishing Product co.

Napco's products and customer care are extraordinary! I'm stoked to be partnered up with such a great company!