Kitchen Resurfacing Products

NAPCO is proud to offer top-of-the-line supplies for the kitchen resurfacing industry. Though our roots are in providing products and strategies for bathtub and tile refinishing, we are just as dedicated to the quality of our kitchen refinishing product line. The NAPCO Essentials Products were developed at the NAPCO headquarters in Skokie, IL, and are made with the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence with which we have been producing bathroom refinishing products for over thirty years.

NAPCO kitchen refinishing coatings

Our Kitchen Renew line is specifically formulated for use on kitchen countertops and cabinet surfaces. Our Kitchen Renew coatings are waterborne and environmentally-friendly, making them the safest options on the market for both refinishing contractors and the homes in which they work. In addition, the waterborne qualities of our new products gives them amazing time-saving abilities! These are all-in-one, 1K (one part) products, and that means no thinner, no catalyst, and no mixing. In fact, NAPCO is the only manufacturer in the refinishing industry with a 1K waterborne coating!

Our Kitchen Renew countertop coating was formulated with our refinishers in mind. This coating can actually be sprayed over a wet surface, no need to wait for dry-time. This is especially beneficial when used in conjunction with our customer-favorite Flint-Stone faux-granite coating, as it can save you up to 24 hours of waiting time! In addition, our Kitchen Renew countertop coating levels the Flint-Stone’s surface, allowing you to skip sanding. Even better, this coating dries to tack in 20 minutes and is easy to clean with soap and water. All of these assets work to save our refinishers time and labor costs!

Our Kitchen Renew line includes three unique refinishing coatings for kitchen cabinets and countertops. The first is a satin clear countertop coating that functions as a top coat over our popular Flint-Stone, faux-granite product. The other two items are kitchen cabinet coatings, both featuring a satin finish. One comes in a bright white color that can be easily tinted to match light tones and pastels, and the other is a clear that can be used to create custom colors.

Kitchen Refinishing Training

Our renowned refinishing training program now includes instruction on kitchen countertop and cabinet resurfacing! With the launch of our new Kitchen Renew coatings for kitchen refinishing, we are pleased to offer an all-new addition to our professional refinisher training classes.

Kitchen Refinishing - Product Sheets

Kitchen Renew Satin Custom Color Cabinet Coating Sell Sheet - download PDF

Kitchen Renew Satin Custom Color Cabinet Coating TDS - download PDF

Kitchen Renew Satin Clear Countertop Coating Sell Sheet - download PDF

Kitchen Renew Satin Clear Countertop Coating TDS - download PDF