We believe in you, our customers! We want you to work with confidence, and always feel like NAPCO is by your side on every job now more than ever. For these reasons, we are thrilled to announce that NAPCO has launched a new service, Live Virtual Technical Support!

Sessions are now available to all NAPCO customers, for FREE! NAPCO is the first and only refinishing company in the United States to extend free virtual technical support to its refinishers. It is an exciting opportunity to work directly with our experts and solve problems on the job, no matter where you are.

As virtual meeting tools like Zoom, GoToMeeting, and FaceTime become increasingly popular, we realized how valuable this tool could be for refinishers on the job that need a second set of eyes or a bit of technical advice. Customers have always been able to call or email us with questions. Now we are taking it up a notch so we can be there with you on the job virtually!

Technical help from NAPCO is only a click away. All you need to do reach out to Steve Zamborsky, NAPCO’s Research and Development and Technical Manager via email (szamborsky@napcoltd.com) or by phone at 800-888-1081 and he will schedule a time to meet virtually to help you solve your problem or give you advice, tips, or tricks.

NAPCO LIVE Virtual Tech Support

As leaders in the bathroom and kitchen refinishing industry, NAPCO is continually pursuing ways to make your experience with our products and services even better. NAPCO is rising to the occasion by reinventing technical help for our industry. If you are on the job and discover you need some advice on how to apply product, or run into an issue that just too difficult to explain over the phone, NAPCO can help. Our technical support is always available to our customers, allowing you to finish your job smoothly and on time.

Going above and beyond for our customers is something we strive to do regularly at NAPCO. We want refinishers to have the benefit of expert advice at their fingertips. Offering this service for free to our customers is one more way of making sure you are successful in your refinishing business. You can do this, and we can do this together.