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NAPCO Adds All Aspects of Safety Training to their Tub, Tile and Countertop Refinishing Classes

A careless bathtub refinisher recently sparked an explosion and fire in a San Diego apartment building. The refinisher was not following basic safety procedures. NAPCO makes safety a cornerstone in its popular tub, tile and counter top training classes. Graduates are well aware of the equipment they need, and the procedures they need to follow, in order to ensure the safety of themselves and the workplace.

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Dani Nichols

I started out with NAPCO in 1996, shortly after it was purchased by Steve Coven. Both Steve and I shared a vision of growth for NAPCO. Always hungry for knowledge, I learned whatever I needed including sales, marketing, web development, operations management, HR, building and retaining a customer base. Whew! It has been a lot of fun because in the end, I really like working with our customers. They make it all worthwhile for me.

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