Gorilla Grip Wipe-on Refinishing PrimerThe bathtub, tile and counter refinishing business is very competitive. These small businessmen are always looking to save time and money. North American Polymer Company (NAPCO) customers are saving 45 minutes or more using Gorilla Grip, a revolutionary wipe-on primer. By saving this time, some refinishers report they can fit in an additional tub at the end of the day and make more money.

The conventional process of refinishing a tub includes 4 steps just to prime the tub. The bathtub first needs to be etched using a liquid agent. The tub is then sanded and sprayed with primer. After spraying the technician needs to clean the spray gun with an oil-based cleaner. Finally, the tub can be sprayed with the new topcoat.

NAPCO developed Gorilla Grip wipe-on primer to save their customers 45 minutes or more on each tub. Instead of a lengthy and messy ordeal, the refinisher simply cleans the tub, rinses and dries it, then wipes on Gorilla Grip primer. The entire process takes about 5 minutes.

“Our customers report saving at least 45 minutes per tub.” That is according to Mike Ripp, head of training and technical support at NAPCO. “A refinisher can fit in an extra tub at the end of the day and increase his revenue.” Mike went on to say. Not only do refinishers like the ease of use, they require fewer chemicals to haul around and save on material inventory costs as well.

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