There’s one silver lining to an unusually long and bitter Winter that a large part of the country recently experienced: It may have made homeowners all the more anxious to get rolling on home improvement projects.

A recent poll by Piper Jaffray suggests that nearly a third of all homeowners nationwide reported having their home improvement plans delayed due to the severe winter. Yet, of those who had their projects delayed, 69% are now planning to spend significantly in order to complete their home improvement effort within the next six months.

Where in the home are they planning on starting these projects? Good news for kitchen and bath remodelers: Of those respondents, 26% intended to install a bath and accessories while 23% aimed to install kitchen countertops and cabinets.

One interesting possible indicator of high-end remodels that Piper Jaffray took note of – 53% of those intending to begin a home improvement project were planning on using a home equity line of credit or credit card to pay for the project.

Perhaps the greatest reason for optimism of all? Despite one of the harshest Winters ever experienced on record, absolutely no homeowner from the poll said the winter was rough enough to force them to give up on the project entirely. Besides what that brings in the next six month, that strong sentiment bodes very well for home improvement projects in the long-term too, no matter how low the thermometer reaches.

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