steve mike on radioSteve Coven and Mike Ripp were on the radio Sunday, January 11th, speaking about the tub refinishing business. They were guests on Get Down to Business with Shalom Klein on WIND-AM 560. They spent time talking about NAPCO's supply business as well as their successful training classes. Shalom Klein is very much interested in job creation so the training was of particular interest. The NAPCO training classes provide a great way for people to start what could be a lucrative career with a rather low cost of entry. Shalom was very impressed.

Shalom visited NAPCO in Skokie in late December to see the facility and meet some of the people there. He took note of how busy they were and of the excellent training facilities.

In case you missed it, you can hear the segment at this site. The interview with Steve and Mike starts at 14:30 into the show.