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November 2014

  1. Could Immigrant Homebuyers Spark New Growth For The Housing Market?

    President Obama’s recent Executive Order on immigration reform isn’t without its political controversy but his action may have a positive influence on an area of the economy that many haven’t thought about: The housing market. Up to this point, immigrants have generally been perceived as a marginal audience for home buying due to the uncertain […]

  2. Commercial Loans Are Attainable, But Do Small Business Owners Still Want Them?

    According to the 4th annual Success Study by The Hartford on small business owners, there appear to be fewer owners in 2014 who are concerned about economic issues outside of their control such as slow economic growth, taxes and healthcare costs compared to when owners answered the question in 2012. This greater sense of comfort […]

  3. “But I’m Not A Salesperson”: Why That’s A Good Thing.

    Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re missing an important skill set that makes you enter a room, charm the socks off of a prospective customer with some fancy talk and close a deal. That’s the image of the typical high-powered salesperson – but that’s not and shouldn’t be you. While we all want sales, we know […]

  4. 4 Easy Steps To Get Your Financial House In Order Before 2015

    Too often, small business owners like to reflect on the financial year they’ve had when New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching. But that can be far too late for some important decisions you may want to make in relation to your finances. See, you don’t have to be a large business to stay on top […]

  5. Could New Credit Standards Jump Start Housing Market?

    Since 2008, getting a home isn’t as easy as it used to be. Thanks to the financial crisis that year, mortgage lenders in response have tightened their restrictions for prospective homebuyers with less than stellar credit. Consequently, even with mortgage rates being very low, consumers with lower credit have often seen a roadblock from lenders […]

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