While the weather outside might be cooling down as we head into the last months of 2018, one room in the house is heating up - the kitchen. When it comes to home improvement projects, Remodeling Business predicts the heart of the home will take center stage.  As such, 2019 has been dubbed “the year of the kitchen.”

Distinguishing the timeless trends from the fads, we have put together a list of modern kitchen trends we have seen persist and gain traction throughout the years. By applying any one of these design ideas to your kitchen cabinets and countertops, you can give the heart of your home a fresh update that will last.


While all-white kitchens are undeniably a classic look, we are seeing more and more people grow tired of such a colorless space. After all, who doesn’t want their kitchen to have a little bit of flavor? Rich colors are making their way, especially when it comes to blue, green, and black stains and cabinetry. Homeowners are beginning to favor patterned and multi-colored palettes as well.

Adding color to cabinets is a nice way to break up an all-white kitchen without a complete kitchen remodel. For a more modest refresh, light grays and gray-blues on cabinets is a great choice. For a more dramatic look, try using shades of ocean-blues on cabinets and moody grays on countertops.  For those who still love their all white kitchen and desire softer classic tones, NAPCO offers a large variety of standard neutral colors.


For some time now, black has gained prominence in the kitchen. Black hues have dominated cabinetry, countertops, and appliances. Dramatic shades of black, offset by gray and other light natural colors, have been the easy go-to color when it comes to style and function. Not only does the black color instantly give a kitchen space a sleek and modern feel, but it also is much easier to protect and clean.

2019 Kitchen Trends with Color for Cabinets and Countertops

Black hues and other dark colors are starting to replace neutral shades and light stains, especially on cabinets. Because black and other dark colors are dramatic, most homeowners introduce them in the kitchen gradually. Refinishing their cabinets with a dark hue is often the first place they start. We expect these darker tones will continue to gain popularity. This is one of the main reasons NAPCO invested in developing a refinishing product that can match deep shades of colors, including black.


Because so many kitchens are white, adding a second color has become an easy way for homeowners to add personality and modernity to the space. Adding dark sleek countertops to off-white cabinets is a classic refresh that we are seeing repeatedly. A great way to create an even bolder effect is by contrasting kitchen countertops with a pop of color. Some of the in-demand color choices for bold island countertops include yellows, blues, and bright greens.

Two-toned cabinets have been on trend for a while. Spaces where the top cabinets are painted a different color than the bottom is the go-to style for two-tone kitchen cabinets. Not only do two-toned kitchen cabinets make the room more fun, but they can also open the space. Cooler colored cabinets on the bottom creates a more spacious effect while warm colored cabinets on top can help add a cozier feel.


With years of whites and neutrals dominating kitchens, it’s clear that rooms completely devoid of color are on the out. While neutrals in the kitchen will always be classic, adding a bit of color to these spaces can bring a wave of freshness. That’s why NAPCO now offers any custom color from Black to Pink. This expanded array of color offerings allows for more refinishing opportunities in kitchens. To inquire about refinishing your kitchen or bathroom call us at 800-888-1081.