Two years ago, NAPCO challenged its product development team to think beyond the bathroom. We saw a way for NAPCO’s refinishing products to have an even greater positive impact in peoples’ homes by formulating a product designed for kitchens. And to help our customers and new refinishers venture into the kitchen with us, we expanded our training program to include kitchen refinishing, prepping trainees for both bathrooms and kitchen upon completing their certification.

So what’s holding you back if you haven’t started refinishing kitchens? Stuck just refinishing bathtubs and wondering how you can boost your business volume? Kitchen cabinet and countertop refinishing can look difficult, but we have found that refinishers who take our training course and practice taping hinges, can easily transition from bathroom refinishing into the kitchen with the potential to triple their incomee. Here’s why:


Kitchen refinishing jobs allow refinishers to make 3x the amount currently made on one bathroom job. Since kitchen refinishing uses the same equipment, tools, and application techniques as bathtub refinishing, there is no need to invest in anything new to get started. On average, refinishers can make $2,000 on one kitchen job versus working on four to six individual bathroom jobs.


Many bathroom refinishers avoid the kitchen because of how long they think cabinet refinishing takes. Using traditional methods, taking off doors and masking can take anywhere from three to five days. NAPCO’s class teaches refinishers how to tape and mask a single hinge in under two minutes. This technique allows refinishers to get to work fast and finish an entire project in one or two days depending upon the size of the kitchen and number of cabinets.


The beautiful thing about adding kitchen refinishing to your business is that you already have a long list of warm leads. Everyone who has a bathroom that you refinished also has a kitchen. A phone call, postcard mailing and an email campaign may be all you need to start booking kitchen refinishing jobs.


During the pandemic, many refinishers are trying to find ways to bring their businesses back to 100% revenue and what better way to do that than to add kitchen cabinets and countertops to your skillset! Already a certified refinisher? We encourage you to get into the kitchen to continue growing your business NOW! If you need a refresher course, NAPCO’s Kitchen Class will be perfect for you. If you are ready to get started, give us a call. Class sizes are extremely limited as a health precaution. Talk to us about your training needs and interest in kitchen refinishing to get started now!  Let NAPCO help you over the “refinish line” toward your career goals! Call 800-888-1081 or click here.