As we experience the global health crisis of COVID-19, this crisis also brings opportunities to strengthen current partnerships or relationships and build new ones. Let’s reassure and support our customers and employees as their needs change altogether. Take this opportunity to reach out to commercial properties like hotels, larger offices, apartment complexes and universities. While these buildings might be partially or totally unoccupied, you can complete refinishing jobs faster, positioning those businesses to have freshly updated and cleaned rooms when folks return. Now is a great opportunity for those who need repairs but never have the time for refinishers to come so help them get ready for post-crisis business.

The refinishing industry has been around a long time, weathering many other trials and tribulations. Our business is about building our communities, making them more livable, more beautiful, and safer both during and after these uncertain times. We are hopeful and ever ready to help our neighbors rebuild. Please stay safe and healthy. NAPCO is with you. Keep calm and keep refinishing on!