Fourth of July - 3 ways our founders DIY’d a nation

The Fourth of July is the most American of all our holidays. On it, we proudly celebrate our struggle for freedom from tyranny through the three great F’s of the American spirit: Food, Fireworks, and Fashionable red white and blue accessories. But independence wasn’t won easily. The challenge was great, unprecedented even, but our founders had a ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude that gave them the courage and ingenuity to succeed.

Here are three ways our founders DIY’d a nation.

1. They built an army out of nothing:
Drawing soldiers from all thirteen colonies, George Washington and the Continental Congress managed to put together a fighting force of 17,000 men from colonies that had been devoted to farming and commerce and had never had a real military.

2. They formed a new kind of government:
The United States constitution was the first document that explicitly laid out the powers of all the political institutions in a modern nation. The authors of our constitution borrowed ideas from Ancient Greek city states like Athens and philosophers of the day such as John Locke to cobble together the document that defines the rights of citizens and powers of government.

3. They shaped their own future
Our founders rose up against Britain because they felt their rights were being trampled on. They fought for freedom from taxation without representation, and the right to build their own future out from under the shadow of King George and the British Parliament. Their fight laid the foundation of the great nation we live in today, a nation based on freedom, enterprise, and independence.

The people who founded this country were D.I.Y. experts who created a nation from scratch.

How to become an independent DIY professional

Why not celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that built a nation by taking charge and learning how to become an independent countertop refinishing professional? Here are some tips to get you started:

D.I.Y. Counter Revolution

1. Get the Right Countertop Refinishing Training
Countertop refinishing is easy to learn if you have the right training. Look for a hands-on refinishing program that gets a sprayer in your hand under the supervision of a qualified instructor. Technique is everything, and with the right countertop refinishing training you’ll be equipped even better than our revolutionary forefathers.

2. Get the Right Countertop Refinishing Supplies
This type of work requires very specific countertop refinishing supplies. Don’t worry, you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic and negotiate with the French for arms. Instead, find a trustworthy manufacturer committed to quality. Get the right professional tools, including brushes, painter's tape, and of course, countertop coatings and epoxy.

3. Leave Enough Time
Setting up and refinishing a countertop shouldn’t take all day, but make sure to leave enough time to get everything right, especially if you’re working on a large countertop. Individual coats of paint or finisher may take up to an hour to dry, so if your kit requires a second coating, be sure to plan accordingly. And remember to factor cleanup time into your schedule.

America is about boldness, innovation, self-sufficiency, and an enterprising spirit. Let your American spirit shine by learning a valuable skill like countertop refinishing and using it to make a living as an independent professional!

Happy Birthday, America.