Flint-Stone Faux Granite coatingYou can help customers enjoy a new kitchen for a very reasonable cost. Many homes have dated kitchens with tired cabinets and laminate countertops. The average cost to remodel a kitchen is $20,000 but you can refinish countertops and cabinets for literally pennies on the dollar. After finishing a tub for a customer, make sure to talk to them about their kitchen counters and cabinets.

Flint-Stone Faux Granite countertop coating

Granite has been the preferred counter material since the late 1990s. It can cost $4,500 or more to upgrade to granite. You can step in and save the day. Using Flint-Stone you can give customers a modern look for far less.

Flint-Stone is a Great Sale:

  • Gives the look of natural stone for much less
  • Easy to care for, no need for time consuming yearly sealing
  • Healthier as it is non-porous, resists bacterial growth
  • Match any décor with 27 colors to choose from
  • Highly resistant to stains

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