Here at NAPCO, we believe that you can't be successful alone in this world. It is through our employees, our vendors, and our partners that we are able to bring our products and services to refinishers around the world. One such important partnership that enables us to do more and be a better company as a whole is the partnership we have with one of our global shipping companies, Green Worldwide Shipping.

Green Worldwide Shipping is an industry-leading provider of international supply chain logistics and has provided NAPCO with responsive and secured international shipping handling all of our Australian international shipments.  

But Green Worldwide Shipping isn't just a company that takes things from one place and drops them off at the next (although they do that and they do so excellently), it's also a company that, like ourselves, sees value in helping the community as a whole and making a difference every day. Green Worldwide shipping does this by endeavoring to plant trees for every shipment they book.

Yes, you read that right. Every shipment! Green Worldwide Shipping is committed to planting a tree for every single shipment that gets booked with them. Every month, we have between 3 to 6 pallets shipped to Australia, NAPCO’s largest international distributor, through Green Worldwide. For the fourth quarter of 2020, they announced that due to having made large bulk orders in October, November, and December, they planted three total trees on behalf of NAPCO. Every forest garden tree donated removes an estimated 50 pounds of pollution from the global atomosphere, replacing it with life-giving oxygen, while protecting lands and assisting the natural return of past diversity. As such, we are proud to have them as a partner and are excited to see how many trees we can help plant in the coming years!